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Zombie Kill of the Week

Saturday no I didn’t get the win at NWA-TOT but what I did is drop a Colorado asshole on his head and why you ask? CAUSE I HATE ZOMBIES!!! Romeo Falcon isn’t a real life person like you and me. He’s a flesh eating asshole. And he found out first hand what happeneds when you go face to face with a real life monster like me. So Romeo hope you had a fun ride home and you learned your lesson. Dont fuck with a killer and never show your ZOMBIE ASS IN WEST-TEXAS AGAIN!!!


Some times I wake up thinking Im the luckiest guy in the world. Then there’s times I’m like “where’s a gun”. Twins are no joke and 1 YEARS OLDS especially. My life is super stressful nowadays. But I couldn’t imagine it with out my 2 little monsters and there mom. Sure we could use a lot more money. And yes it would be awesome to have there older brothers with us all the time. I just know they I gotta take it day by day and never let it all get to me too much. I have my days and my moments but I’ve gotta learn to make it all work. Managing my family and now wrestling on a weekly bases is tough. Its tough to train the way I want, eat the way I want, sleep the way I want. But Im truly blessed and sometimes I do take it for granted. Im a very lucky guy and need to start realizing that more. I need to let go of all the bad and focus on the good. I need to stay as positive as possible. Life’s too short. The last 34 years have just gone by so quick. I need to enjoy life like there is no tomorrow because there may not be.